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2002 TJ Drivetrain vibration at 45 and 60 mph

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  • 2002 TJ Drivetrain vibration at 45 and 60 mph

    2002 TJ, 4.0L, 5 Speed, 139,000 miles, 30x9.5 BFG tires, I have developed a vibration at 40 thru 45 MPH and 60 thru 65 MPH and feels like in the rear. I have changed tires twice, wheels 3 times, new shocks, new rear brake drums, brake shoes, front sway bar ends, Put clutch pedal in and no change, put trans in neutral and no change, press brake pedal no change. repair shop check u joints they are tight. Plan to replace front rotors and pads. I have had factory steel wheels, Amer Racing Allow wheels, now Jeep allow wheels, 31x10.50x15 BFGs, P225x75R-15 Goodyear, 30x9.50R-15. I did see feathering of the outside of the tire tread and dealer, Tire Discounters said this was fairly common on BFG Radial TA KOs. This is my third set and when put on new front end aligned, and never seen this before. Because of this I replace shocks and did see some leakage but that was not the problem either. No body or suspension lifts. Sorry for rambling, I wanted to try and state everything I have tried. This is not death wobble as it is felt mostly in the seat and seems like it is felt more in seat bottom and rarely feel anything in steering wheel. Not sure what else to try or where to go from here. I love my Jeep but I do not like vibration. It has gotten slightly better but still there. Please help.

    PS, Jeep is Red with soft top, that have any bearing?

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    Bent axle, differential might be ready to go, steering dampener, or bad body mounts. Kinda hard to say what it is without understanding where its coming from. This also may be a precursor to death wobble. Have you had the ball joints and control arm bushings looked at? They may be worn out and causing shifting of the susp geometry.
    Keep us up to date on what you find.
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