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    Ok, I am in need of some suggestions on getting my 2005 Jeep Unlimited Rubicon repaired. Check Eng light is on and I have had it at the shop for over 3 weeks. Code is Crank Shaft Sensor, Low voltage oil sensor.
    I have replaced the Cam Shaft sensor, crank shaft sensor and the Synchronizer 4 times now. the longest the light has stayed off what 4 days. of course when the light comes on the jeep goes into limp mode. I can shut the Eng off and restart and will come out of limp mode but the light stays on. after it sits and cools off, the limp mode comes back on and I have to repeat the same process.... Any ideas? Im in Oregon and at this point will take it to someone that can fix the dang thing.

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    Welcome to the forum.

    If you got the faults from an OBDII code reader, can you list the codes that were displayed?

    While I'm not 100% knowledgeable on the TJ, I can tell you that the mid/late 90's Mopar products had some tricky phantom stuff in the wiring. Chrysler was never great at listing all the things that run on all the circuits. I found that out on a ZJ I had.

    Are the crank position sensors actually failing? I mean, have you gone through three sensors or are you swapping old/new or just unplugging the same sensor and plugging it back in?

    My next thought... check grounding strap(s) between the engine and frame/body. I had the O2 circuit keep coming up on mine, and it caused idle issues and stalling. I was a dummy and forgot to put one ground strap back on at the motor mount and the one on the back of the head broke. It can happen. Anything electrical, and thats the first thing I check.

    Also. Those two circuits. Are they both low on the engine? Do they both run together?..... If so, back track the harness. Look for chafing, rubs... whatever looks unusual. Often enough, there are ground splices within the harness. If one wire breaks within the harness it can play the devil with the electronics. If you have an intermittent/recurring fault, that's another thing to think of.

    Moving this to the SWB forum.
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      Did you replace with OEM sensors? I've had it happen and read a lot about non OEM sensors being bad out of the box. Especially CKP crank sensor.

      What Code(s)?

      Have you ever checked your ODPA? If you are getting code P0016 it is the oil drive pump assembly. Save your original cam sensor to reinstall after changing the ODPA. Either Dorman or Crown ODPA work well.There are some good videos on swapping properly. But first check your and be sure to set at TDC top dead center. I just changed mine at 98k. The dealer checked it when replacing CATs at 74K and flashed the PCM. They must have skipped a tooth on the ODPA when reinstalling it. While it was tolerable the mpg was affected. I chalked it up to the CAT and PCM flash.
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        OK, I broke down and took it to the dealership after it was at my normal shop for 2 weeks and they couldn't find the problem. I will restate that I wish that I had read about all of the history and issues when having the Cam/Crank sensor codes. DONT THROW AWAY YOUR ORIGINAL SENSORS.... The dealership did a relearn on the sensors and the problem appears to have been solved..


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          Good news. Hope that will be the fianl problem you have.
          '07 Unlimited Rubicon, 2015 Ram 1500 Crew, '73 Super Beetle, '08 KLR650, '07 Suxuki GZ250 (wife)
          a '73 CJ5 i used to own , Find your State Laws