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    I own a 1988 Jeep Wrangler. I bought it new. It's a four cylinder. It has only 98,000+ miles on it and I have been maintaining it over the years. I use it only for travel to my remote campsite which is on a seasonal (rough) road. My camp is 250 miles away from home.
    My Jeep is getting old in age now and I've had two breakdowns already (Fuel pump and starter solenoid). I'm going to replace all of the mechanical electrical components under the hood, and I have three tech questions I would like to ask this forum about.

    First question:
    I want to replace my fusible links, but my repair manuals and the colors on my Jeep's fusible links are confusing. I have one link which is dark gray or very light brown in color and it seems to be 10 or 8 ga in size. I have four other links which are green or turquoise in color and they seem to be 14 or 16 ga in size.
    Can anybody here in this forum help me with the correct size ga link replacements I will need?

    Second question:
    The fuel injector will cost me $270.00 at my local auto supply house. I would like to have one for a spare, but at this cost I would rather sink the money into something else. I know that they are a mechanical solonoid device and in my trade I work with solonoids all the time and they do wear out. How dependable are fuel injectors? Should I go to a junkyard and find one there for cheaper money?

    Third question:
    This may sound dumb, but not for me. Where is my ECU located! I looked everywhere and I cannot find one. Do I have one on my year Jeep? Every time I work on my Jeep is when I either learn or go bonkers.

    Thanks for any help.

    PS--I learned about Quadratec just today while at my gun club. I met a new member who owns a jeep and he told me about Quadratec. There is another Jeep mailorder company (I won't name them) who I have been buying from for quite a few years now. Hmm, I like Quadratec.

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    Welcome to the board, this section is for how-tos, write-ups that sort of stuff, questions go in the SWB Tech forum, you'll get a much bigger response over there.

    Well as for my opinion,

    First Question: Unless something doesn't work, leave the fuseable links alone, you are more likely to have a problem splicing new wires in. If a fuse-able link melts, you can usally spot which one it is. I always carry a small spool of wire, and some electrical tape for trail repairs. My opinion here is to leave well enough alone, many people have well over 200,000 miles on vehicles with no problems with the wiring.

    Second Question, again many people have well over 200,000 miles out of automotive fuel injectors. You are right they do slowly go bad, but honestly it doesn't happen that often. I wouldn't bother with a junk yard one, as you don't know if it is any better than what you got, much less gas dries to almost like a rock hard varnish, you don't want something thats had gas sitting in it for who knows how long. I honestly haven't seen to many Jeep fuel pumps go out, surprised yours did that soon.

    Third question, not for sure on the 4-cylinders, but most Jeeps its on the driverside firewall, pretty low, about fender level, underneath everything.

    Your Jeep is honestly just getting broken in, many of a us abuse or Jeeps on a regular basis, and have twice the miles you have. You can't be prepared for everything, and stuff will break. If your luck is anything like mine, I'd replace something, and then the new part will go out, and I have to put the old one back in.

    One of the mods will probably move this, and then I'm sure you'll get quite a few more opinions.
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      Moving to SWB Tech...
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        I second OYJ's opinion; If it ain't broke, don't fix it! My YJ has 126000 on it, and the only parts replaced so far is wipers, plugs, pads, air cleaner, plug wires, distributor cap, shocks, converter and muffler (excluding tires and headlights).....OOps, forgot the top was replaced. I know of two that have 2k on them, and the only real problems both have experienced were brake problems. Welcome to the forum, lots of knowledge here.
        I have a Jeep (sort of, its stock, high mileage 95YJ) Sporty sold, mower blew up, all money went for new mower and still have payments. Life!


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          The ECU on my son's '87 is located under the dash, right behind the glove box. His is a six cyln. but I would think that yours would be in the same place
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            Originally posted by OhioYJ:
            First Question: ..... I always carry a small spool of wire, and some electrical tape for trail repairs. ....
            With fusible links, DO NOT just replace them with regular wires. I had a link go while I was on the trail... I was in a bind... thought I found the short, spliced regular wire in (heavy enough gauge) and then my whole harness caught on fire! When a link goes, it goes for a reason.

            You can buy fusible link wire at and automotive store(Autozone) for pretty cheep. You could buy just a small section of different sizes for under $10. BUT I would recommend buying a few in-line fuses on 12 & 14 gauge wire. If a link goes, replace with an inline fuse with a small enough fuse and your good. I've since replaced all my fusable links with a series of inline fuses... its just easier to replace a fuse on the trail.

            Just in case your a visual person... Now have 4-5 of these where my links once were.
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