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i fixed my leak :) writeup

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  • i fixed my leak :) writeup

    k so i had heard about the common leak in the passenger floor board
    whenever it would rain even lightly a puddle would form
    very irritating exspecially if u still have carpet
    well anyways i just started having this problem and after some research i figured out how to fix it
    this is my write up
    first of all you have to remove the cowl
    i used this writeup to get it off
    once removed notice on the left side there is the cowl vent
    turn on the ac notice how the hatch opens to allow air in

    also notice in the very middle there is a drain

    chances are if you are a frequent mudder this is filled with mud and junk
    to test it fill with water
    water should drain and fall out the bottom
    if it puddles and overflows then its clogged
    what causes the leak is this drain overflowing and the water going through the open hatch in the cowl
    to fix just simply unplug that drain
    fairly easy just keep running water and a shop vac

    any questions?? :thumbsup:
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    Originally posted by JEEPerscreepers98 View Post
    very irritating exspecially if u still have carpet
    heh, looks like I solved that problem.
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