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  • LS1 engine swap

    Hey guys! Im planning an LS1 engine swap for my 04 Rubicon. I understand most of the modifications that need to be made. The one thing Im not sure about is the "marriage" of the OEM Jeep ECU with the donor ECU. I understand that the donor ECU and wiring harness will need to be sent to a tuner for harness cleanup and ECU programming. I just dont understand how the two ECU's are joined together to make it possible to use the OEM dash gauges and other functions the factory ECU controls. If anyone has any ideas or advice, I would really appreciate it. Thanks!

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    The way I've always understood it is, you have 2 main harnesses an engine and a chassis. Your engine harness which is connects to your ECU is matched to the engine that you are using. In my case it is: Chevy TBI Engine = Chevy TBI engine harness = Chevy TBI compatible ECU with correct PROM and CAL PAK. The chassis harness is separate and powers your accessories, lights, radio etc. As for your gauges, it all depends on what senders you are using, if you they are stock senders you should be able to use stock gauges.

    One thing I'm not sure of is if you have airbags. I think they would be controlled by the ECU, and in the case if you swap it out they may not work.

    There's a whole lot of work involved with a swap, take your time, and good luck!
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