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CA SMOG - Monitors Not Ready

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  • CA SMOG - Monitors Not Ready

    This has been kicking my @ss for over a week. I had to replace an O2 sensor to pass CA smog. After replacing the sensor, I cleared the codes. It has now been over 300 miles if trying to get the monitors all to set "Ready". I have been following the Chrysler Drive Cycle
    I have an '08 with the 3.8L & 6spd. 5.13 gears and superchips speedo healer(programmer..) I'm not sure if the reason I'm having issues is because my engine runs out of RPM's much faster than stock gearing with tiny tires??

    Does anyone else have this same issue of not passing smog because of the monitors and not because of an actual DTC?

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    are you running any fuel injector cleaners or other solvents through your fuel system? They can cause the computer to see lean or rich fuel mixtures. this will result in measurements that are out of range.

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