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Will they fit ?

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  • Will they fit ?

    I just bought a 2014 Wrangler Unlimited Sport ... 4 door

    My co-worker offered me his 18 inch Rubicon rims with 275/70/18 tires will these fit without putting a lift on ? Will they rub ?

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    Hey there,

    As long as they are the Factory Rubicon wheels you will need wheel spacers to fit that size tire with stock height JK. They will rub without wheel spacers. I would recommend the Spidertrax:

    The reason you will rub is due to the backspacing on the wheel. The factory Rubicon wheel has a back spacing of 5.5 and you want to be around 4.5 backspacing. The smaller the number the farther it will stick out and not rub.

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      Good information Hailey and concur on using quality 1.5" wheel spacers. Wheel spacers are safe when properly installed and maintained as per instructions. The OEM wheels have 6.25" back spacing so 6.25-1.5=4.75
      Note= 275/70R18 are approx 33" and programmer is recommended to correct speedometer and AT shift points

      ****************OEM Rubicon wheels are 17"....confirm what wheels+tires are being offered! ***************
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