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What's your favorite Rocker Guard?....

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  • What's your favorite Rocker Guard?....

    Looks like I will be replacing the stock Rubicon rocker guards after all this time.

    So, the question is....
    What's your favorite? Tell me why you like them... Shoot, tell me what you don't like and why, too.

    Obviously I'm on a "shoestrings-for-tiedowns" budget, so my favorites are out of the question. No Poison Spider... no LOD....

    I was looking at a set of Smittybilt rockers, but they look like they hang too low. I mean. Its not like i've been offroad since 2010, but if i DID go offroading, I've hate to be beatin and bangin around every rock.

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    Barricade Rock Sliders sold at Extreme Terrain. Couple positives: tubular stainless steel, doubles as step, compatible with Rubi rails and price.