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Anyone ever order replacement parts for their lift kits?

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  • Anyone ever order replacement parts for their lift kits?

    Yes. My Jeep is starting to show its age.

    Two weeks ago, as I was spraying some mud off the underside of the ole rig, I noticed that one of the front bumpstops was dryrotted, cracked.... and.... laying on the axle pad having ejected itself from its home. It clearly needs to be replaced. Now I've got to figure out who I'm going to order them from. What I had in there was some leftover stuff from a spacer lift I originally installed on the Jeep in 2008 (Black Diamond?). I removed the spacers and put OME coils on it that I got second hand... but I left the extended bumpstops on there that I got with the spacers.

    Now. Since I need new bumpstops, I'm trying to think on how I want to go about this. Its not like I need a whole new lift kit. That would be ridiculous.

    In any case, I am now thinking about the ole practice of "damage = upgrade"

    air bumps, anyone?

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    Teraflex has a choice of bump stops to choose from:


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      I've looked closely at the Teraflex stuff. I have a strong appreciation for their products that I've developed over the years. Some of which I adapted to the ZJ I had. My JK has their Falcon 2.1 Sport valve shocks on it. I have to say they are an amazing match for the OME coils I have on it now. Debating on adding theirs or the DV8 hydraulic bump stops. I admit that my choices are influenced by price... but I do like to hold out for certain brands that have gained my trust.