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Jeep WJ HID Retrofit

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  • Jeep WJ HID Retrofit

    Parts List:
    • Projectors are D2S 3.0: (O Lens/LHD)
    • Ballasts are D2S: Morimoto 3Five
    • Bulbs are 35W D2S: 3Five 4300K
    • Shrouds are Apollo 3.0
    • LED halo rings are 100mm White
    • Wiring kit is the HD Relay for 9006 sockets

    Figured I'd post up the HID retrofit I did on my 2002 WJ. The light output is awful on the factory halogens as I'm sure most know. I tried to do a headlight restore with the over the counter kits, the results were more aesthetics then actually providing better light output. So the next obvious choice was a new housing with projectors or a retrofit. This was a cheap solution to, what I think are gaudy aftermarket projector housings. Everything I used was purchased from The Retrofit Source ( aside from the new housings, I purchased them from Amazon.

    To start off, I had to remove the lenses from the new housings. This is quite the process as the new housings I purchased used and epoxy glue and silicone combination to secure and seal the lenses to the housing. I baked the lights in the oven on about 200* and checked on it intermittently. The issue is that the new housings are plastic so once you heat them too much, the plastic starts to warp and lose it's rigidity. This makes prying the lenses off difficult. I used this combined with a heat gun and worked from the inside of the light to the outside (high beam to side reflector). If you try to work the opposite way, it makes it hard to pry the lens out of the corner.

    Once you get the lights separated you can now pull the buckets out of the housing and start making room for the new projectors. The projectors I went with do not fit in the factory bulb opening, so room needs to be made. I used a Dremel and a carbide and hard stone bits to open the holes up to accomplish this. My buckets were made from fiberglass so be certain to take precautions to keep from breathing in the dust created. I made general layout marks on the back of the buckets for this but ultimately it was a guess and check method, patience is key!

    With the design of the back of the projector, I ditched the factory bulb sockets and cut the standoff for these to make room for the projector jam nut. Those standoffs won't be need again. Also below that is a small screw, I took that out and drilled a hold to make room for the LED ring I used in the shrouds. There is also a seal that surrounds the bulb socket area that needs remain, be certain to put this back in to keep moisture out of the housing.

    The shrouds I went with were a little too large for the opening of the WJ buckets. I ended up just trimming the tops and bottoms to clear this. I thought it gave everything a nice look once it was together and fitted up. JUST NOTE! Prior to cutting the shrouds to fit, mock the lights up in the Jeep as this is a good time to aim the lights. Doing this prior to cutting the shrouds will save you from cutting them incorrectly, then when you go to aim them you won't be able to rotate the lights enough to make the cutoff level or have a crooked line.


    Once you have everything aimed you'll be good to go for reassembly. I used a bunch of squeeze clamps to hold the housings to the lenses. However what I found is that they tend to slide off during the curing time. A better solution is to use a couple ratchet straps and c-claps to hold everything tight. Just note, be certain to put something between the lens and strap / clamp to keep from marking up or scratching your fresh lenses.

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    Now it's time to install the new lights! Just pop them back in, in the reverse order of removal. If you did everything prior to completion, aiming should be a breeze and the cutoffs should line up very nicely. I wasn't able to get the step up in the cutoff to line up however the cutoff horizontal matches up perfectly. I left the high beam intact on these lights, it just adds to the light output when you turn the high beams on and the shutter opens.

    As for wiring, this kit was a basic plug and play system. I didn't have to wire anything aside from the LED rings in the shrouds to work with the corner lights. The Ballasts were a little hard to find a good location but I ended up mounting the passenger side one on the frame inside the fender and the driver side behind the core support next to the airbox.

    All in all I feel this was a fairly easy process, the hardest part or I should say time consuming part was driving the Jeep out to a parking lot to aim the lights. My house just doesn't have a flat level surface to do this with so the side of a building around the corner worked very well.

    Comparing the two sides:

    Showing the light output:

    I'm certain I missed things however if you have questions feel free to post up!


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        not bad. you plan on upgrading the fog lights as well?
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          Originally posted by b1pig View Post
          not bad. you plan on upgrading the fog lights as well?
          Absolutely! I want to do a projector there also and run a 3000k LED bulb but I have yet to tackle this yet.