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    Seeking advice on what I believe is an oil pressure gauge issue. When I idle my 2000Cherokee, the oil pressure drops down to zero and the 'check gauges' light comes on. The oil sender was replaced recently, and a mechanic already put a gauge in it and said the oil pressure was completely normal. So it seems to be a gauge problem, but I'm uncomfortable just leaving it in case there were to be an actual problem eventually. I'd just get used to the oil pressure gauge reading zero, thinking that it's wrong, when maybe it actually would be (problematically) at zero, sometime in the future. Any advice on how to solve this problem?

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    If a mechanic checked this, I would hope he used a mechanical gauge to check it.

    You should be able to find a generic cheap mechanical gauge from a parts store. Just remove the sending unit and screw the line in to the mechanical gauge in its place. Unless your XJ computer refuses to allow the Jeep to start without an oil pressure signal, you will be able to check it that way. The mechanical gauge does not rely on a sending unit, it will read the actual pressure your oil pump is supplying. So long as that gauge reads within the shop manual specs, you should be fine. ... whatever the manual says, but on a warm engine at idle, I think anything over 5 psi is fine. Should increase to 30+ above 2000 rpm.

    If you don't feel confident about it, it is possible to change out the oil pump. I've done that before. Old ZJ I had was developing some valve train noise. Oil pressure was "ok". I got a Melling high volume pump and put in it. oil pressure went to 60+ on a cold start, 25-30 warm at idle and was well over 40 anything over 1500 RPM. That was a 80,000 mile 4.0 engine.

    If you're good with basic maintenance work, this is relatively easy. Just have to set the new gauge up..... and unless you're choosing to install a brass t-fitting and install this gauge permanently... you're only using the gauge once. My dad being a mechanic, he kept one in his tool box. Still there today.
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